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Date: Tue Oct 11 11:44:01 2005

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> I just have to mention that I am a very committed part-time employee
> working for four different colleges, for very substandard pay, because I
> believe my students and I have something to give each other - but the truth
> is, I can avoid some of the "scut" - committee work, administrative junk-
> because I come in, teach, and leave.

Should we assume that because a kid comes only part-time that he or she will
choose to avoid the "scut" - such as school meetings, etc.? Perhaps a
part-time kid would choose to contribute in this way - even more than some kids who
are at the school full-time and have no interest. I know there are many kids
who spend years at a sudbury school but show little desire to contribute to
school meetings, etc.

Molly Mancasola

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