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Yes, I am aware that sudbury students sign a committment when enrolled and I
could imagine the same kind of a formal committment taking place with a
"part-time" kid. Again, please try to understand I do not believe it would be right
for one kid to benefit at the expense of another. But I also don't believe
it is right to put up barriers to any kid who may be interested in being a
consciencious member of a sudbury community, but who also has interests or
passions elsewhere in the outside world. Can't a sudbury stretch its boundaries?
Can't there be some flexibility in attendance policy without disrupting the
flow of a sudbury?

You also asked why I would want my kids to have some of this "school"
experience when I am so firmly committed to unschooling - and what it might be that
we are missing to want this connection.

Again, I have somehow led you to false assumptions. I should clarify my
intentions and my reasons for my questions. First of all, as it stands, I have no
yearning for my kids to do anything except continue to live and learn in
whatever way they see best fits their needs. My family has been unschooling for 12
years now and we are all very fulfilled and happy with this lifestyle.

When we first started unschooling, some of us read Free At Last and some
other inspiring things that Danny and Hannah Greenberg had written about the
sudbury model and thought it might be interesting to think about potentially
starting a sudbury. As we learned more about the model, we gained a great
appreciation for it... except for the forced attendance part of it. Eventually each
of the kids simply weighed out the pros and cons, and in the end, each of them
decided that unschooling would give them greater access to what they needed.
Over time, we all just let go of the idea that we might start a sudbury.

However, occasionally I wonder if I might revisit the idea sometime down the
road -perhaps after all my kids are grown. I think about how much I enjoy
being around kids taking control of - and responsibility for - their own lives,
and wonder if opening a sudbury would be a good goal for my later years. I'm
asking the "discuss - sudbury" list these questions about compulsory
attendance requirements because the issue is still unresolved in my own mind and I need
to hash it out. I appreciate the input many of you have given me. Thank
you, Molly Mancasola
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