[Discuss-sudbury-model] For Scott ( about prisoner analogy for public schools)

From: frodon444 <frodon444_at_yahoo.fr>
Date: Mon Oct 10 19:00:00 2005

When I was translating into french different texts
from the old Sudbury Valley website, there was the
text "Injustice" written by you. It doesn't exist any
more in the new site. I'm curious why.

Personnaly, I like this text very much, I find it so
true !


But when I showed my translation to other (unprepared)
people, everybody found it exagerated (even teenagers
!), so I thought I should only show such texts to
people who already know other texts about Sudbury.

But when I told about it with people who are in
democratic schools or are founders of a democratic
school, what you wrote was an evidence fo all of them
! (so, no reason to preach the converted)

Any thoughts ?



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