Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Slave analogy for public schools.

From: Kenneth Winchenbach Walden <>
Date: Mon Oct 10 14:38:16 2005

Woty wrote:
>> I think there is a fine
>> difference between speaking confidently about one's opinion, and
>> being righteous. Wish I could articulate it better. But I think I
>> have heard others express a similar distaste on the forum; and I
>> don't think such an approach helps our cause when it does happen.
> I think it does, actually.
> What we advocate is extremely controversial, and contrary to some
> deeply held values that are nearly universal in American culture. Any
> clear communication of what it is we're advocating is going to put off
> many people, and probably more than it attracts. That's fine. Let them
> be put off and let them understand, and let people who are open to
> these values understand and be persuaded.

I think what is being discussed though isn't about turning people off
with a clear expression of the values of the Sudbury system. It's about
turning people off by the way these topics are addressed. Yes,
certainly, if someone finds the idea of democratic schooling repugnant,
why should we cater to them? But if what they find repugnant is not our
ideas, but the way in which we talk about them, or the way we address
their questions, then that is a different matter.

People communicate in so many ways, it is hard for an informal and
always changing community like this list to make any headway in dealing
with a problem like this. I certainly have not seen any progress on the
issue in the years I've been here, despite how often it comes up.

Ken Walden

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