Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Better than thou? Well, yes

From: Woty <>
Date: Mon Oct 10 13:47:00 2005

On Oct 10, 2005, at 11:29, cheryl huff wrote:

> One thing I haven't seen addressed amidst all the ideology in this
> forum is
> the inherent elitism of a private school with limited enrollment.

I think this is rather insulting, and not particularly accurate.

It's true that most people rely on the state to provide education,
but it's not true that everyone has to. Most people who don't would
be in a position to if they cared enough.

And it is simply wrong to imply that the people who do care enough to
create good places for children rather than sending them to bad
places have sinned against those who do not care enough. What they've
done is honorable.

> I know
> there are participants who no doubt make sacrifices to have their
> children
> in these schools, but there are people who, regardless of how much
> they
> want more than the public school system for their children, cannot
> afford
> either geographically or financially to have their children in a SVS
> environment, or to create one. In my experience this is more of a
> deterent
> than being "philosophically ready for a place as brutally honest as a
> Sudbury school".

This is a reasonable position for someone who thinks that public
school is acceptable but undesirable. It is not reasonable for
someone who thinks that school is an unacceptable place and that
providing something better is imperative. It's unreasonable to
suggest that people who take the latter position do so out of lack of
concern for people who are facing difficult problems in providing

To use another imperfect analogy: Most people would advise a woman to
leave an abusive husband, even if it raised extremely difficult
practical problems. What would you think if someone suggested that
this is an elitist position because some women cannot afford, either
geographically or financially, to leave?

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