Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Nurturing

From: Shelli Buhr <>
Date: Mon Oct 10 13:24:00 2005

Was she nurtured? Well, I prefer
> to think of it is "watered" and "fed".

I feel the two are inseparable. IMO, she was
nurtured. Yes.

The child grows wholly. I am not sure that the
experience can be received unless there is an
emotional attachment that defines what it "means" to
us. Her experience was defined by the emotional
attachment she attached to it.

I believe we grow at different stages or ages; we have
an emotional age, an intellectual age, a physical age,
and a spiritual age. Each are inclusive in the whole.

> Nurtured > implies dependence and a mother-children
> relationship." Hope this helps.

I dont believe that nurturing implies mother-child or

My definition of parenting is teaching my children to
parent themselves. It doesnt imply gender, or
dependence although gender and dependence may be
aspects that apply. "Nurtured"

Something that nourishes; sustenance.
The act of bringing up.
Biology. The sum of environmental influences and
conditions acting on an organism.

tr.v. nur·tured, nur·tur·ing, nur·tures
To nourish; feed.
To educate; train.
To help grow or develop; cultivate: nurture a
student's talent.

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