Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Better than thou? Well, yes

From: Bendymind <>
Date: Mon Oct 10 10:47:01 2005

Motive is everything. Do you revel in the failure of others because it makes
you feel better about yourself or do you respect and want to raise them up
in pursuit of reform that is actually just? If your elitist arrogance turns
the unenlightened away it is detrimental to the cause and absolutely
dishonorable. It hurts to have your world view shattered and those who are
actually interested in affecting a change should be aware and consistently
vigilant about where the other person needs to be met and what it will take
to get them to understand.

> The Sudbury model *is* clearly better than the mainstream education
> model and most alternative models. There is no dishonor in pointing
> this out confidently.
> People who are doing something better than the norm ought to have the
> confidence and the courage to say so.
> ~Woty
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