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I also would stongly recommend that you read more about the school. There are many excellent choices on the website, and books that you can order. If possible, a visit would make a big difference, too. As I have expressed before on this site, for me, there is a certain palpable energy or spirit in the air at our school. When I drop my kids off every day, I sit there in the car taking it in, and have to drag myself away. I'm not sure it is something you can put into words. The lifeforce is strong.

Usually my sons are greeted by friends, male and female, who run up to them with huge hugs. They end the day similarly. I feel quite confident about them feeling nurtured.

As for learning, that is a more complex subject. Sudbury folks have a different take on what learning even is, and how it occurs. For this, the reading is really helpful. An observer with a traditional perspective on learning might not "see" it happening on a Sudbury campus. However, from my eyes, it is abundant and beautiful !

Hope that helps,

Ann Ide

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  As a sometime philosophy teacher, I appreciate the political rhetoric about SVS, unschooling etc. I have been reading here, but I am not sure I am getting much of a picture of what the experience is like especially for very young children - I've not read the word "nurture" once, or much about the experience of learning, for that matter. I am hoping to get more of a sense of it than is present on the various school websites.

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