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That is a sticky one. Because the children are believed to be competent and whole beings who can find a way to meet their knowledge hunger for themselves, it begs the question of how much others need to know about the process. For me, as an SVS parent, it was an intuitive sense of my children's productive and positive energy. Their apparent thirst that caused them to arrive at SVS literally bounding across the campus with many plans in their heads of what they would do when they got there. How do I adequately convey to you the joyeous creative beings that I was greeted by at the end of the day? One litmus test for me was the fact they did not come home tired. They came home and kept right on doing and planning. In fact, they still are doing that years after leaving SVS. And, for me, that's the point. My daughter began SVS at the age of 4 1/2. She was embraced by the other children her age. Was she nurtured? Well, I prefer to think of it is "watered" and "fed". What a glorious experience it was for her to be around all those bigger kids and choose what she might. Being around a group of mixed-age children, it is easy to see how much the little ones want to be around the bigger kids much more than the grownups. For me the best "picture" I always took away from SVS was that of a bee hive. Almost from the moment one tries to analyze what is going on, it is changed. I just asked this same daughter who is 20 now for her perspective. She said, "For as long as I can remember being able to form thoughts, I knew that I was responsible for my own actions. Nurtured implies dependence and a mother-children relationship." Hope this helps.
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  As a sometime philosophy teacher, I appreciate the political rhetoric about SVS, unschooling etc. I have been reading here, but I am not sure I am getting much of a picture of what the experience is like especially for very young children - I've not read the word "nurture" once, or much about the experience of learning, for that matter. I am hoping to get more of a sense of it than is present on the various school websites.

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