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From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Sun Oct 9 17:01:00 2005



Have you read any of Dan's books (available from the SVS Press)? They are
among the best descriptions of life in democratic schools that I have read.
I especially like Hanna's chapter in one book (whose title escapes me at the
moment) about the art of doing nothing!


~Alan Klein



From: cheryl huff
As a sometime philosophy teacher, I appreciate the political rhetoric about
SVS, unschooling etc. I have been reading here, but I am not sure I am
getting much of a picture of what the experience is like especially for very
young children - I've not read the word "nurture" once, or much about the
experience of learning, for that matter. I am hoping to get more of a sense
of it than is present on the various school websites.
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