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From: Woty <woty_at_bellsouth.net>
Date: Sun Oct 9 14:34:01 2005

Mark MacFadyen <macfadyen2002_at_yahoo.ca> wrote:

> Karen, it feels terrible to say 'I know my school crushes
> creativity'. I grew up in this system, went to school and trained
> how to perpetuate this system, and now six years into my career, my
> instincts are going nuts. It is confusing, as teachers are kind,
> dedicated people who think they are helping.

While teachers are very rarely motivated by a desire to commit cruel
acts, their positions require them to be routinely cruel to children.
Most teachers find the acts they must commit acceptable. For this
reason, it is not quite accurate to describe them as kind people.
Teachers have to make children do things that are bad for them, even
over their objections, even if the child is clearly acutely
distressed by having to do them. Speaking in empathic language does
not make this any kinder just more invasive. When confronted with a
teacher who says "I see that you're hurting about this" while making
the child do something, a child could quite legitimately respond
"then why don't you stop hurting me?".

What possible reply could a teacher have in such a situation? The
teacher can't possibly stop hurting the child but it is quite
possible to get angry and demand that the child stop making such
accusations when the teacher is really a kind person who only wants
to do right be the child.

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