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From: Becky Moon <>
Date: Sun Oct 9 13:55:00 2005

Karen Locke wrote:

> Alan,
> -

> I know it's not politically possible as long as we have a "we must
> protect the children" mentality - and as long as we have adult
> unemployment making child employment politically unfeasible. A
> legislator in Minnesota wanted to give younger teens the vote and
> nearly got laughed out of office.

I'm definitely of the mentality that children need protection. One
reason some people had for wanting to end child employment was that
children were being forced to work by their parents. I understand it
might not be the only reason for child employment was legislated
againest, but it's a real problem that is being solved by such laws
right now. Children ARE often easily pressured or led into decisions
that may or may not be very good for them. Some of them are more or less
easily led, some are less easily led than some adults, but then law
isn't going to be perfect.

How would children be protected from being pressured or forced to work?
Would they be protected from their parents taking or pressuring them to
give up the money they earned? How would that actually be implemented
without creating further "protectionist" laws? Or should law not be made
around the smaller percentage of people who would abuse or take
advantage of their children? (Is it really a small percentage?)

> But I think it's a worthy discussion topic. What would young people
> do without schools? How would society change? What place would our
> democratic schools have in assisting such changes? Would this be a
> good direction to go in?

Some young people would do much better without schools probably. Some
children would lose access to food, freedom, and information they
wouldn't otherwise have. Society would have to step forward and provide
those things voluntarily or the consequences could be even worse than
"prison-like" schools, I think. On the surface, I'd say no, it's not a
good direction to go in without some things in place to take care of
children who need it.

> This is one organization for youth rights (although I can't find much
> about schooling)
> Karen

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