[Discuss-sudbury-model] Slave analogy for public schools.

From: Tay Arrow Sherman <tay_at_anatomyofhope.net>
Date: Sun Oct 9 07:21:01 2005

All this discussion about this particular analogy has given me pause. I
mean, the way many of us talk about public schools as being places
where kids are enslaved.

Like, the word "holocaust" has been around since at least 1526 and
means "a sacrifice wholly consumed by fire", but when you hear it, you
immediately think of The Holocaust. I think the same is true for the
word "slavery" in the US, I mean, it makes us think of racism and the
Civil War and all this stuff that freaks everyone out a lot, makes
everyone feel unhappy in some direction or another. So it's not a great
analogy, I think. It ends up being very aggressive, and the people
involved in the discourse end up picking at the analogy, which subverts
an ideological argument that should be liberating into a semantic one
that is sort of nerve-wracking and ultimately at least 90% pointless.

Also, if you want to tell someone that your child's chosen way of
learning and exploring beats public school (or whatever school) to a
pulp, I think it works better to tell them what is good about your
child's choice than what is bad about what they may have chosen for
their kid.

Non-consensual aspects are present in many schools, and ageism is real.
There is a lot of stupid stuff going on in education. I think that the
dominant methods of "schooling" are crappy enough that we can take them
apart by talking about what they are, without having to resort to
talking about what they are *like*. And I think that unschooling,
homeschooling, and Sudbury-model schools are all awesome enough that we
can talk about how awesome they are and why, without having to resort
to talkin' trash.




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