Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] myths of unschooling

From: Madeleine Hesselink <>
Date: Sat Oct 8 15:24:00 2005

Hi Molly--
I hope that I did not give you the impression that I
have any negative myths about unschooling in my mind.
In fact, I was an unschooler through my high school
years, though I did not know it by that name. That
experience is what has enabled me to really trust the
Sudbury Model, though I should clarify that I do not
place the sudbury model above unschooling in any way.
I just see them as being two choices that fit
different children and different families.

As far as I can remember, all I said in my mesage
about unschoolers is that they also live within
certain limits-- one of those being the fact that the
younger children rely on their parents to take them
places and thus are not necessarily free to go
wherever they want whenever they want--they need to
take the needs of the family into consideration--just
as students at Sudbury Schools need to take the needs
of the school community into consideration. Now
thinking back on my message, I think that I did say
something about choosing to spend time with peers
rather than family and this may be what you are
referring to. This would obviously depend on the
family set up, the area in which one lived, etc. I
know that not all unschoolers/homeschooler are
isolated and or spend most of their time with their
families, but I also know others who are and do. We
are have different needs and personalities and some
children enjoy being part of a community of children
at a sudbury school and others think it is not worth
giving up additional freedoms. I don't judge one
choice above another--I think both choices are equally
wonderful. I just wish more kids had the opportunity
to make that choice.

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