Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

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Date: Sat Oct 8 10:34:00 2005

In California, a family can file an affidavit with the state declaring their
home as a private school. The only requirement is that "the teacher" is
"capable of teaching" (with no formal credentials required) and that the child is
in attendance a minimum number of days - (for most unschooling families, this
means the children are breathing). So California kids who are part of a
private school affidavit, don't have the dilemna of needing to choose between one
program or another. They can just live their lives, taking full responsibility
for their own "education".

I witnessed the low attendance at some of the sudbury schools in California
when I visited some. I think Sudbury schools in California could draw more of
these independent unschooling kids in - if it were not for the compulsory
attendance component. Unschooling kids could benefit from going to sudbury
schools - I know a couple of my own kids would have loved to have been a part of
such a thing. And I know that the sudbury school would have benefitted by having
my kids involved. The unschooling kids in California who we know, tend to
have a lot of energy to give to the organizations they are involved in.

Molly Mancasola
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