Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Status of Children

From: Ian McKay <>
Date: Sat Oct 8 09:44:00 2005

I agree with Tom's recent post about the overall staus of children being less than desirable. I also am the parent of an unschooler and it was his choice to do so. We even were part of a founder's group setting up a Dem school here in NS but unschooling has been the right answer for us. Upon refelction, slavery is perhaps not the best analog....perhaps the status of women and the Suffragist movement of the 1800s and beyond is a more apt one. Person's as chattel, no rights to own property, make contracts or vote, Fathers/Husbands being the legal guardians of adult women - simply far from equal under the law.

Why don't kids have the son asks this all the time. He has even started reading "How to Start Your Own Country" [a great book by the way] in order to see what can be done from that angle. It is much harder to "compell" a person that has the vote ;-)

Ian McKay
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