Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

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Date: Fri Oct 7 17:38:00 2005

Hi Scott,

Thank you for hanging in here with me and helping me problem solve this
concept of compulsory attendance within a Sudbury philosophy.

Your use of the word community confused me a bit, because the communities in
which I am involved, have no formal membership and do not exclude those who
become less or more involved at different times according to his or her
interest. I do however, know of many institutions which would ask a member to leave
according to his or her level of involvement. Sudbury schools would then be
more analogous to these institutions than any community I am aware of.

Once I think of compulsory attendance within the parameter of institutions,
it makes more sense to me. However, it doesn't make compulsory attendance any
more palatable to me.

I think my difficulty stems from my own desire to de-institutionalize
learning all together. I want to find a solution in which kids and people of all
ages are able to live and learn together without putting boxes around them. Ivan
Illich and all that.

Thank you again for your response. Molly Mancasola

Forgive me for all of the Ivan Illich I have read.
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