Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

From: Becky Moon <>
Date: Fri Oct 7 15:39:00 2005

--- wrote:

> Appreciate your thoughtful response, Mado.
> I respectfully disagree. I think violating
> individual rights to protect an
> institution is undemocratic. Isn't this what makes
> our public schools and
> schools in general, undemocratic?

I don't think "democracy" necessarily means protecting
individual rights although some people associate them
together. A "democracy" can decide that individual
rights are so important that they vote on rules to
define and protect them. I suppose, too, it could vote
to abolish the right of some people to vote, but then
I wouldn't call it a democracy anymore. I think so
long as everyone is getting a vote, a system could be
called "democratic" (not guarantees a democracy will
make good decisions).

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