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Date: Fri Oct 7 13:58:00 2005

Appreciate your thoughtful response, Mado.

You wrote:

"I don't see protecting the rights of the institution
over the individual to be contradictory to democracy
at all.  What it is contrary to is libertarianism, and
people often mistake the Sudbury Philosophy for being
libertarian. It is precisely putting the school before
any individual that makes a Sudbury School decidedly
not libertarian."

I respectfully disagree. I think violating individual rights to protect an
institution is undemocratic. Isn't this what makes our public schools and
schools in general, undemocratic?

Also, you said,

.... the decision of whether or not to
attend a Sudbury school should always rest with the
child. When given a choice to stay home with their
parents and siblings, or go to a sudbury type school
and hang out with other kids, I think most children
would make the choice to go to the school with the
knowledge that making this choice might mean giving up
certain other freedoms that are not acceptable to the

I realize that the choice to attend is the kids'. My unschooling kids -
after learning that there could be compulsory attendance, decided against going to
a sudbury school. They were concerned they would have to give up too much of
their own control of how they spent their days. They said they would feel
limited - unable to follow their own interests to become involved in something
else in the community or just hang out at home or be somewhere alone when they
deemed it necessary. Another part of their decision not to attend a sudbury,
was their perceived lack of access to a larger community of people. Because of
compulsory attendance, an unschooler's access to the larger community is

Don't individuals benefit by having the right to move in and out of any
community according to his or her own judgement? Couldn't this actually improve
the sudbury culture because it would allow an infusion of unschooling kids who
already "get" freedom and responsibility at a larger community level?

Thank you,
Molly Mancasola


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