RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Fri Oct 7 13:05:01 2005

Yes, any compulsory component could be voted out.


What is inherent in the democratic school philosophy, "Sudbury model" or
otherwise, is just that.democracy. Democracy has within it the possibility
of "tyranny of the majority" whenever it is used. This is why our national
Bill of Rights and our schools' By-Laws are so important. They enshrine
rights to everyone, majority or not, that only a "super-majority" can take
away. They provide limits and boundaries, and therefore shape, to the
democratic process.


So, I guess I can't conceive of a "non-compulsory Sudbury (or other
democratic) school" if you include democratically arrived at decisions in
your definition of "compulsory". When one makes the decision to belong to a
community, then one is, I believe, making the decision to abide by the rules
and processes of that community. In democratic schools, that process is
democracy, which includes the ability to do one's best to change the rules
with which one disagrees.


~Alan Klein




Thanks Alan for your response. So, are you saying that the compulsory
component could be just as easily voted out? Are you or anyone else aware
of any non-compulsory Sudbury schools? Somehow, after hearing from Mimsy on
this subject, I was under the impression that it was inherent in the Sudbury
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