Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] compulsory element of sudbury model

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Fri Oct 7 12:55:01 2005

Madeleine Hesselink wrote:

>--- wrote:
>I am
>>referring to a potential scenario
>>in which a person may become interested in being
>>involved in a project
>>outside of the school, but the school mandates that
>>he or she attend the school a
>>minumum number of hours per week.
>It is my understanding that if a student at a Sudbury
>Model School is involved with an outside project, that
>could count as attendance. The exact way it would be
>handled would depend on the school--maybe trust the
>student, maybe be approved by school meeting, I really
>don't know. Our school is so new (today is our 3rd
>day!!!) that we have obviously not run across that
Yes, this is the way that it works at our school. We just approved a
motion at the school meeting to count a student's time in St. John's
(the island not the college) as counting toward his attendance.

To answer the larger question (and I believe this has been answered on
this forum before), a Sudbury school is governed by the laws of the
state. Our state requires students to attend school a minimum number of
hours. We must enforce this law in the same was that we must enforce
other state laws (no smoking on campus, no drugs, no murder, etc.).

Jeff Collins
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