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Date: Thu Oct 6 12:19:01 2005

In the 1800's there we plenty of "humanistic" slave owners....thankfully, it didn't make the institution of slavery any less abhorent to those struggling to see it ended.
Ian McKay [former High School teacher and blissfully happy unschooling Dad]
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  I've been reading some of the archives and noticed the examples of traditional schooling are really extreme. Some of these schools sound like they're right out of the dark ages. I teach in a privite traditional school; however, we are very humanistic in our approach, and I do a lot of project based learning. Kids go to the bathroom whenever they like, and there is a fun, positive atmosphere about the school. We help each other, learn together cooperatively. Still, report cards, evaluating children, and many other aspects of my traditional school are absolutely wrong. I know my school crushes creativity, it is the worst possible model for the education of children. But I want to make the point that, well, traditional school doesn't have to = hell.


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