[Discuss-sudbury-model] The term 'gifted'

From: Mark MacFadyen <macfadyen2002_at_yahoo.ca>
Date: Tue Oct 4 09:19:00 2005

Thank you for sharing your passionate insight about education. There are many ideas in the literature about what giftedness means, and I am by no means suggesting that only a few students are gifted (i.e., by mesuring 'g', or IQ) I align myself with Gardner's MI theory, as in my experiences as a teacher I find that all students have areas of strength and passion. It is indeed the school system that fails to provide opportunity for students to develop these gifts. As you illustrated, differentiated learning is very difficult to apply in traditional schooling, as traditional schooling really isn't about helping everyone grow at their own level, it is about standards. Differentiated learning, when successful, is also very difficult to sustain.
I appreciate your thoughts, thank you.
Mark MacFadyen

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