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What a wonderful article! It's a sparkling testimony, not just for the schools, but for the parents who support them by sending their children to them!

I think this is an interesting project. I, too, like "translating" things between paradigms. You are trying to see Sudbury-type education through glasses which also see things called "gifted and talented". I, too, haven't ever seen that done.

I teach at a project-based high school, which has in common with Sudbury that we let students follow their own interests. As I think about gifted and talented kids I've seen in our school, I think about a couple things:
1. When given a chance to follow their own interests, amazing things sprout. We've had students who created comic books, ran web businesses, rebuilt garages, etc. When these students can follow their gifts, they become happy and relaxed, expanding to allow the seeds inside themselves blossom forth. It's a joy to watch.
2. Sometimes these are the very kids who desperately need to expand socially. In a regular school they might tend to work, work, work. In our school they sometimes just play, play, played (in high school that often means talk, talk, talk). So a more unstructured school allows them to also become less different from others - they AREN'T looked down on for being smart, because they can also be other things,...funny, lazy, daredevil, etc. I think this can be very important - deemphasizing academics tends to make everyone more well-rounded.

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  Hi Mark,

  I wrote an article which was published by an online magazine that may be useful to your paper. It's about my decision to take my daughter who was labeled "gifted and talented" and enroll her a Sudbury Model School. I describes why I think this is a good model for her. The link is

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