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Date: Sun Oct 2 05:24:00 2005

Hi Mark,

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At 23:10 1-10-2005 -0700, you wrote:
>I am a Canadian teacher taking a course at Hong Kong University on Gifted
>Education. For my term paper, I have the opportunity to select a topic of
>my choosing. I have been interested in Sudbury school's democratic model
>since running across the web site last year.
>Can anyone provide me with any direction regarding the Sudbury model with
>regards to the education of the gifted and talented? Books, web sites, an
>phone interview with a knowlegable persron, would be very helpful. There
>are many conceptualizations about what a gifted student is, and I am
>interested in writing about Sudbury's conceptual model. I will email you
>my paper when finished if you like.
>Thank you!
>Mark MacFadyen
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