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Fairhaven School -- check out their web site! -- is in Upper Marlboro,
MD., an easy commute to Annapolis as well as many other big cities.
On Sep 22, 2005, at 2:09 PM, cheryl huff wrote:

> Thanks so much for your letter, Maria.  My son was born in Annapolis -
> I was there doing a Master's Degree at the St John's Grad Institute. 
> I graduated a week before my son was born and stayed a few months, but
> it was so expensive to live in town, and I didn't have a reason to
> stay, so I moved down here to be near my parents who had retired to
> this cheaper part of the country.  I did know many people with
> children at St Annes - I think it was started by some St John's tutors
> and their spouses- and it does have a good reputation for its kind.  
> We have gone back and forth, living here and in Scotland for the last
> six years, but I wouldn't mind coming back to the MD/DC area.  Where
> is the Sudbury school near there?  I can live anywhere where there is
> opportunity for college adjunct teaching - Anne Arundel CC is a very
> good one and U of MD, etc are all there.
> You are doing this exactly as I am - on your own - and that brings in
> so many difficulties people with partners or even involved co-parents
> never have to deal with...but it sounds like you are doing an amazing
> job of handling it all.  I appreciate your taking the time to respond,
> as I do everyone else.  all the best,  Cheryl
> cheryl huff
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>> Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Searching for Sudbury - Another
>> Single Mom's Perspective
>> I too am a single mom, sole support (don't recieve a penny of child
>> support, my choice, don't need ugly court battle), and am very
>> attracted to the idea of a Sudbury School. There is actually such a
>> school sort of in my area, too, and the tuition is sort of
>> affordable. For the present, however, I have made other arrangements
>> for my son as I am by profession a librarian and I recently (1 month
>> ago) left a decently-paid (relatively speaking) position with a large
>> public library system for a much lower-paying job with a private
>> school. With the employee 50% off tuition I can just barely afford to
>> send my son to school here starting next year (this school begins at
>> age 3 - the local-ish Sudbury School  not until age 5) - at least he
>> and I can be together more this way, and "share the pain" of the
>> school experience. It's not too bad a school as schools go - quite
>> small, lots and lots of interaction between staff and students, and
>> built-in study hall time 3x a week ! ! so they can do homework there.
>> The preschool, pre-K, and K are all based on the Reggio Emilia
>> model,which sounds pretty good, if not ideal.
>> That being said, I'd switch to the Sudbury School in a minute (once
>> my son turns 5, that is) if a) they paid a living wage (what I make
>> here is pretty low, but what the Sudbury School offers is not enough
>> to pay rent anywhere within 50 miles, much less heat your house, eat,
>> etc. - and I think they only offer 50% tuition remission too), b)
>> there was any job security - I appreciate student involvement in
>> staff selection and retention on principal, but in reality it's tough
>> to feel your continued employment depends on winning a popularity
>> contest year after year. And all this is assuming they would want to
>> employ me in the first place. I guess, for myself, I have decided I
>> would rather have my son attend school where I work so I can be on
>> ths spot to ensure he's treated fairly (and also to avoid ugly
>> commuting/daycare/aftercare arrangements) than to send him to my
>> preferred model of school. I don't know, all this is subject to
>> change pending my son's becoming old! ! enough to participate in the
>> decision-making. Right now he is only 2 and I know he votes for more
>> time with me. So although it may sound as though I am going contrary
>> to Sudbury principles by forcing my decison on my son- at his age, it
>> would be criminally irresponsible of me to do anything else. I am
>> just trying to make the best decision (short-term and long-term) for
>> his future quality of life, and it is really tough - especially when
>> single parenthood, need for childcare, lack of funds, etc. are
>> complicating factors. If the money fairy would only fly down my
>> chimney and bring a monthly paycheck, I would definitely stay home
>> and unschool him, but I have already explored work-at-home options
>> and again cannot see a way to make a living (as opposed to
>> supplementary) income. Including enough to cover the cost of health
>> insurance as well as the aforementioned rent, utilities, and
>> groceries. Anyway, we all do the best we can given the options we've
>> got.
>> But if anyone does know of a Sudbury School which pays a living wage
>> for its area (whatever area that may be), and where it's the norm for
>> staff to retain their jobs for a number of years should they so
>> desire, I think I, as a former public librarian, am pretty
>> well-suited to a position in which I help kids pursue their own
>> direction in learning rather than imposing my own lesson plan. (I
>> originally went into public library work as I thought that at least
>> there is some element of voluntarily choosing to go to the public
>> library rather than a school setting where attendance is compulsory.)
>> And I would be willing to relocate anywhere at all.
>> Maria Scinto
>> Media Specialist
>> St. Anne's Day School
>> Annapolis, MD
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