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From: Tay Arrow Sherman <>
Date: Thu Sep 22 16:07:00 2005

When I went to SVS, although the drive from my home was only about 45
minutes, I often took the train because my parents were at work or a
car was not available. I had what was sometimes a three hour commute
one way on multiple commuter trains. It was really worth it to be able
to go to SVS, and I got a lot of reading and writing done on the train.
You might also be able to find others in your area who you could
carpool with... I occasionally hitched rides with other students
parents. So if you move to a more populous place with more jobs,
remember that there may also be more people who are interested in the
school, and you can work together so you all get to send your kids

On 22 Sep, 2005, at 15.03, Maria Scinto wrote:

> Hi Cheryl! Good to know you have some experience w. St. Anne's - it's
> still hard for me to get a feel for how it would be for my son when I
> am just seeing it from the perspective of a new staff member. I do
> know that there are a large number of "staff kids" here at present,
> and none of them seem to be at all embarrassed by it. The little kids
> love it, but even the middle schoolers seem perfectly happy to have
> mom or dad in the same building. I don't know whether this situation
> would be more or less likely (both the # of staff kids and the lack of
> embarrassment) at a Sudbury school - depends on the school, I guess.
> Or the kids. Or the parents.
> The Maryland Sudbury School is Fairhaven,
>, and I want to state explicitly that
> any comments I may have made that might have been seen as being
> negative in any way (the "popularity contest" thing) were based on my
> own speculation, fears, etc. and not on any actual experience at a
> school. I have not visited Fairhaven but have corresponded with a
> staff member and have heard nothing but positives about it. The
> tuition is quite reasonable, too, even if (unfortunately) that means
> the salaries are on the low side. If in future St. Anne's does not
> prove a good fit for my son (or myself), I would still consider
> sending him there - the ONLY negative thing in my perspective (and
> perhaps yours) is that the school would appear to be a fairly long
> (45+ minute) commute from any major population centers where it would
> be likely that you (or I) could find work - it's sort of equally
> convenient/inconvenient to ! reach from Baltimore, DC, or Annapolis,
> located in SE PG County as it is. (A fairly expensive area to live in
> as well - isn't that always the case? Plenty of jobs=pricy real
> estate.) Of course the upside would be that it seemt to be in a very
> pretty, nice, secluded area - and of course a school's got to build
> wherever they can find/afford the real estate.
> Anyway - good luck with your decision, and let me know/look me up if
> you do decide to move to the area! It would be really cool to meet
> someone else who not only shares the same philosophy but faces the
> same challenges I do. It's too bad we can't start a single mom's
> unschooling cooperative! That would be really cool.
> Maria
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