Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Searching for Sudbury - Another Single Mom's Perspective

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Wed Sep 21 17:18:00 2005

Maria Scinto wrote:

> I appreciate student involvement in staff selection and retention on
> principal, but in reality it's tough to feel your continued employment
> depends on winning a popularity contest year after year.
> But if anyone does know of a Sudbury School which pays a living wage
> for its area (whatever area that may be), and where it's the norm for
> staff to retain their jobs for a number of years should they so desire,

Hi Maria,

I understand the desire to be paid a living wage and I think everyone
associated with the Sudbury movement would like all of the schools to be
able to pay a living wage - perhaps someday we will be able to do this.

I do take exception to the comment about it being a popularity contest
and the implied assumption that you can't hold a job for a long term at
a Sudbury School. There are Sudbury staff that have held their jobs for
over 35 years. It is very unusual for a staff member to be voted off -
I believe this only happens to those staff members who are not doing an
adequate job. On the other hand, my sister came very close to losing
her job as a public school teacher because the town voted down the
budget. The only factor that the school district used to determine who
would have to be let go was their tenure. It didn't matter who was a
better teacher - only who had held their job longest. Personally, I
would prefer (and do prefer) a democratic vote to a system based solely
on tenure.

Jeff Collins
Hudson Valley Sudbury School
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