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Hughes wrote:

> One difficulty that I found in homeschooling was that the community was fast becoming a group of families that were doing so to have better control over their children's life experience. Since I was home schooling for the opposite reason... I found myself hearing about other people's notion of how to do the very same kind of teaching at home that was happening in schools... only in a nicer, kinder way.

* this is also happening in Eastern Ontario. Yuck.

One option for the adventurous student is to apprentice away from home,
but that's not widely done. Both potential mentors and potential
apprentices are so scarce that it's hard to make connections between
them, and the curriculum-bound home-schoolers just go off to high school
rather than seeking to continue in an unschooling vein, which they
haven't been in anyway.

For years we've run what's effectively a residential SVS sort of
institution, but since 1990 we've only ever had one student (beyond our
own daughter) show up. But for teeneagers interested in natural science
or art we're still here. You can look at our website if you might be
interested, though it's not very up-to-date (October is supposed to be
website month).

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