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Date: Wed Sep 21 12:04:01 2005


I appreciate that this is a tough decision, and in your shoes I'd be doing
the exact same thing. When my son was young we lived in San Francisco (no
Sudbury School) and he went to a Reggio until he was six. I had some problems with
it, but he loved every minute of it.

As for wanting to work at a Sudbury School if you end up choosing one, maybe
you should consider working somewhere else at least at the beginning. I
really like working here, but Cedarwood can't afford to pay a living wage and staff
only gets a 10% discount for it's children. Plus at our school you need to
volunteer first before School Meeting would consider hiring you as an intern,
which *really* doesn't pay well. And I disagree entirely that the school
meeting staff election is a popularity contest. The staff members who are the
toughest (or I guess 'expect the most' is a better phrase) are the ones who end up
being elected for the most hours. At our school when a staff member is voted
out they are invariably people who have their own agenda and are not good for
the school.

Good luck, and I hope you enjoy your time at your son's preschool.

Karen at Cedarwood
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