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From: Louie Mahoney Cohn <>
Date: Wed Sep 21 08:49:00 2005

Check out

Good luck!

>From: "cheryl huff" <>
>Subject: [Discuss-sudbury-model] searching for sudbury
>Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2005 06:43:51 -0400
>I am just beginning to look for a Sudbury model school for my 6 year old
>son. I have been unhappy with his very traditional classroom experience -
>Primary One (kindergarten) in Scotland was an attempt to "socialize"
>children into sitting still, working on worksheets and then going out to a
>play area which was very small, crowded and made of asphalt and stone with
>no equipment save a few tired elastic jumpropes and an old ball or two. He
>came home bloody and often bitten. He was mauled every day by a very large
>classmate and learned to hit and kick. In spite of it all, he did well
>with numbers and words and we did much exploring of the Scottish coast, the
>museums and science centers of Edinburgh and Glasgow and several castles.
>He learns best when allowed to explore things, especially 3 dimensional
>objects and loves to create sculptures, "machines" and systems with ropes,
>weights, branches...whatever he can find.
>Now we are back in America and he is at a charter school in coastal NC.
>While many of our friends find it to be a great school, I feel he is just
>being molded into this cookie cutter role of 1st grader - they all must be
>reading by the beginning of 1st, and he isn't, but he is ahead in math,
>which is being ignored, so of course he feels like a loser. He is
>rebelling against the non-stop structure of sitting and being quiet and
>isn't finding friends in the class - he doesn't even know many of the kid's
>names after 4 weeks of school.
>So, after this sad rant, can anyone give me ideas of what to look for in a
>school - and what I should be considering while I am looking? I am an
>adjunct college instructor and need to live near enough to colleges (though
>I also teach online) to make a living as the sole support of us both. I
>have considered homeschooling but want him to have an experience of working
>as a member of a community of learners.
>Any help is appreciated.
>cheryl huff
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