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From: Vera Wagemans <>
Date: Wed Aug 24 07:58:00 2005

Hi Chantal,

I would personally think more along the lines of a 'pre-Sudbury-School' on
the same campus. One of the things I have in mind is to dedicate a part of
our wonderfull campus (which we will find someday) for the little ones, with
one staff, and if the little ones want to the can venture out in the rest of
the school, but vice versa there would be limits.

'De Vlinder' Sudbury School, Gent, Belgium
starting september 1st with 4 children and quite some interest from other

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Hi all,

I know school is starting and many of you are very busy. I'm in no rush
here but I do have a couple of questions....

Have any Sudbury school ever tried to work with another school sharing
a campus. For example, a Montessori for age 3-6 and a Sudbury for 6 and
up or something to that effect that would share location and resources.
Does this seem like something feasible and/or desirable?

I also would like to know if any of the Sudbury school are set up as
for profit businesses? It seems like most are either nonprofit or
"public" in some way. I'm just trying to study all the possibilities.

Chantal in Louisiana

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