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I think the question is that since Sudbury schools are so student-desire centered, will that go with the strict rules of an immersion school? I've talked with someone starting a German immersion school and she says that the rule is no English is to be spoken in front of the children. But in a Sudbury school children ask to learn things. What if they ask to learn better English? What if they get impatient with what they can learn in French and ask to have a certain class in English? What if they're there because of their parents' desire for them to learn a language (a common situation, I"m sure), but they themselves don't buy into the immersion thing?

I think it's an exciting possibility, I'm just trying to understand the ground rules you're setting. I'm interested in the varieties of democratic schools and how they work. I think that helps all of us understand democratic schooling better. Thanks for being willing to share with us.

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    If students attempt to speak English with staff members who
    understand English, what will happen?

  My son had a French teacher who spoke no English when she came to this country and still pretended not to after she had learned a little bit. What SHE did was to teach the kids French so they could speak to her in French. By the time he was a Junior and had had her three times since seventh grade he went to France for a couple of weeks and was accepted as a native French speaker. She went to Louisiana two decades ago to participate in the French revival, but unfortunately died in a car accident on the way to her daughter's college graduation. She made a wonderful game of it.

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