Re: French Immersion Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Start up in Louisiana

From: Chantal Saucier <>
Date: Wed Aug 3 09:15:00 2005

On Aug 2, 2005, at 10:49 PM, Woty wrote:

> Erm...
> What will you do when students want to speak English, or want to be
> spoken to in English?
> ~Woty
Erm... I don't know. What would you do if one of your students wants to
be spoken to in Spanish?

Our school will be a FRENCH Sudbury school. Whoever choses to attend
will know that. I mentioned immersion because we want to open the
school to non-French speakers and offer them an environment where they
can learn the language, which they would have to do in order to fully
participate in the school. It's like I told someone in an e-mail
yesterday, we have a French-speaking population around here and we have
parents already saying that they will put their kids in our school. In
addition, the French immersion programs in our public schools are
always full and there are waiting lists every year so naturally, we are
looking for ways to appeal to those parents as well.

Let's say a child who does not speak English wanted to enter a Sudbury
school, would he be refused admission because he does not master the
language yet? Or would we say that learning another language (in this
case English), like learning math, would be the child's responsibility?

I know we can make this work while staying on the model, however, we
have not resolved all the issues yet, so all suggestions are welcome.

Chantal in Louisiana
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