Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Start up in Louisiana

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Wed Aug 3 09:04:00 2005

Hi Sally,

To be added to the demstartup list, you need to buy a startup kit from
Sudbury Valley. Check their website for more details.


Sally Rosloff wrote:

> What are the requirements to be on the demstartup list? My husband,
> Cooper Zale, and I are fantasizing of starting a school at some point,
> based on Sudbury, but are not doing it now. I would love to be
> talking about it though, and reading about what others are doing and
> where they are doing it. We are in the San Fernando Valley of Los
> Angeles. I am on the Discuss Sudbury list and the AERO startup list.
> Thanks.
> Sally
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