Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Start up in Louisiana

From: Bruce Smith <>
Date: Tue Aug 2 18:38:00 2005


This is Bruce at Alpine Valley School in Colorado. We bought our
present building during our third year of operation. I don't remember
the numbers with much accuracy, but I know that we raised a down
payment of approximately $150,000 through donations and what we called
"secondary notes." These were loans extended to us by friends and
family, on which we could defer payment until the bank was paid off.

We also had the advantage of a two-year (at least) relationship with a
bank, which made it easier for them to loan us the balance.

Best of luck,


Bruce L. Smith
"We mostly understand ourselves through an endless series 
of stories...The so-called facts of our individual worlds are 
highly coloured and arbitrary, facts that fit whatever fiction 
we have chosen to believe in." 
                              -- Jeanette Winterson
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