Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] IDEC - conference in Berlin, Germany

From: Mike Weimann <>
Date: Wed Jun 22 07:51:00 2005

Dear Mimsy and Daniel,

I am sorry that you have been upset by what we said in our newsletter. We too
have been upset, but we had no intention offending you.

We are very pleased that Mikel Matisoo is going to come to the conference to
represent Sudbury Valley School.

Thank you for your good wishes.

Mike Weimann.

Mimsy Sadofsky schrieb:
> Dear Mike,
> I am sorry that in the first paragraph of your email you chose to
> misrepresent what was said by Daniel Greenberg about our reasons,
> which were extremely well thought out and detailed to you in several
> long letters, about our decision not to go to IDEC.
> I am surprised that you chose to characterize what was said as "busy
> with her own workshop", which sounds a little petulant and as if we at
> SVS had reneged on an agreement.

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