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From: Anne Karin <>
Date: Wed Apr 27 03:52:00 2005

Well, that's good to hear, David, because there are so many children that
gets destructive when they have a hard time in public schools, and these
children do need some time to adjust to, and to trust, a friendly
atmosphere. The child is NEVER the problem.

>From: David Rovner <>
>Subject: Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Fw: [AshevilleSudbury] Admissions
>Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2005 21:18:56 +0200
>For what I've read about Sudbury Valley it seems to me that either there is
>no screening, or the screening must be kind of subtle, at enrollement at
>Sudbury Valley. For instance lets take this fragment of "Good Kids" and
>"Trouble Makers", from Free at Last: "students who were at war with their
>former schools ('troublemakers')", ". . . Year in, year out, they come: the
>floatsam end jetsam of society, kids on whom just about everyone has given
>up. Car thieves, mischief-makers, druggies, alcoholics, school-phobists,
>anti-socials of all sorts, either flung out of all their former schools or
>violently opposed to attending school at all. All of them are treated the
>same at Sudbury Valley. They get their freedom back, and the awesome
>responsibility of controlling their own destinies. There is no one to hold
>them down.
>Soon, the message sinks in. The freedom, the open atmosphere, the universal
>friendliness, the age mixing, all combine to ease them back to reality . .
>~ David

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