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From: David Rovner <>
Date: Tue Apr 26 14:42:00 2005

For what I've read about Sudbury Valley it seems to me that either there is no screening, or the screening must be kind of subtle, at enrollement at Sudbury Valley. For instance lets take this fragment of "Good Kids" and "Trouble Makers", from Free at Last: "students who were at war with their former schools ('troublemakers')", ". . . Year in, year out, they come: the floatsam end jetsam of society, kids on whom just about everyone has given up. Car thieves, mischief-makers, druggies, alcoholics, school-phobists, anti-socials of all sorts, either flung out of all their former schools or violently opposed to attending school at all. All of them are treated the same at Sudbury Valley. They get their freedom back, and the awesome responsibility of controlling their own destinies. There is no one to hold them down.
Soon, the message sinks in. The freedom, the open atmosphere, the universal friendliness, the age mixing, all combine to ease them back to reality . . ."

~ David
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