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From: Caren Knox-Hundley <carenkh_at_earthlink.net>
Date: Tue Apr 26 12:12:00 2005

Received this today from a member of the Asheville start-up group. If anyone has any input, it would be appreciated! I know we can't guarantee that a child won't be hit... How does SV screen its applicants? Again, I know more info is in the start-up kit. I believe one is on its way to a member of our group! But something I could forward on to her would be great in the meantime.

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Can someone help me understand Sudbury's admission policy? They say it is "Open" and also that "It is unlikely for one child to hit another here. It's a very nonviolent environment and that's actually something that we try to screen for at enrollment time because every child in this school is totally free to be wherever they want to be, which means you have unsupervised four, five, six, seven-year olds. So you want to be pretty careful that you don't have people who hit..."

What "screening" does Sudbury Valley do?

My daughter went to a preschool where a boy was aggressive and hit her and other children. We took her out of the preschool and she is still learning to like and trust little boys. I would not want children who hit or bully or are aggressive at Asheville Sudbury School.
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