RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Encouragment.

From: Geert Wester <>
Date: Sat Apr 9 17:00:00 2005

Dear Darren,

As father of a child on a SVS-like school here in Holland, may I try to
share my observations and thoughts.
(I feel) The difference lies in the non-imposing attitude, the respect for
the child (other) as a being in its own right.
I firmly believe the child (and adults can do this as well) will grow up and
develop in a different way towards more freedom, more sense of themselves,
their own drives and desires and goals, and more respect towards others.
It is just that it is hard to find enough (available) adults who can live
this example, and I have great admiration for those who do this job.
At the same time I hear their struggle, as has been worded the past few days
in this discuss-group.
My own standpoint in this is that "sitting back, doing nothing" seems the
least imposing but does not create the environment I would wish for my

Geert Wester
Holland, Deventer
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[]Namens R D Stanley
  Verzonden: donderdag 7 april 2005 23:37
  Onderwerp: RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Encouragment.

  Greetings listserv readers and contributors,

  Let me ask, in a slightly different way, what Geert proposes here. What is
the nature of individual and collective interactions - which are necessary
on so many levels - that makes a school like SVS like it is and quite
different from other places.


  Darren Stanley
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