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From: Scott David Gray <sgray_at_sudval.org>
Date: Fri Apr 8 19:16:01 2005

Hi all,

DSM is a list which is fairly quiet for a while, and then
has short bursts of activity (as evidenced recently!).

Because of this, some people find a need to do something
about the enormous volume of email that comes during these

  There are three general ways to limit the volume of
messages coming from the list:
  A: Unsubscribe. If you wish to unsubscribe but keep up on
the list, the list is archived on the web at
  B: Get the messages in the form of one long digest sent
out once per day.
  C: Turn the account 'off' for a little while.

  You don't need to clog all 370 members' mailboxes to do
any of these things!
-- at the bottom of the page there is a one-line form in
which you can type the email address which you are
subscribed through and click 'edit options.'
  From there, you can set digest mode, unsubscribe, or
temporarily disable mail delivery.
  In order to do any of those, you will need the password
that was mailed to you when you joined, and which is mailed
to you on the first of the month. If you do not have access
to your password, you can request it be sent to you with the
click of the 'email my password to me' button on the 'edit
options' page.

--Scott David Gray
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