Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] variations on the model in practice

From: Todd Pratum <>
Date: Fri Apr 8 15:45:01 2005
Thank you Chis, so everything I said was wrong, nothing I said was right?  Is that how you talk to kids?

 I give up, I'm sorry I disturbed you all with my "trick questions", my desire to "secretly look for permission to control kids"  and my "unwillingness to trust kids"  and my "arrogant anti-child philosophy"   I thought his list was a forum, not a cheering squad or an attack committee.  Todd Pratum.

Christopher Weeks wrote:
Todd Pratum wrote:

I agree that we should let kids decide, _for the most part_, what THEY think is good for them.

I don't care whether they think it's good for them or not.  Smoking isn't!  It just isn't.  And yet, it's none of my business how they choose to medicate and/or recreate.

But TV is--according to many experts and many with common sense--a unique and complicated situation.

Even if we all agree that TV is bad for you (and we don't!) I still don't have the right to tell people they may not.  Not when those people are my equals.  I don't watch TV.  I choose not to buy cable TV.  My son would like it.  He makes (we give him) enough money to buy it and we've talked about it.  So far, he choses to buy other stuff.

Can children decide what food is best for them?  (Doritos vs apples?)

They can choose what to eat.  Sometimes the nutritional value of those foods go into conscious decisions and sometimes not.
What about nudity and touching?

Yes.  There is no one else up to the task of deciding such things for people.  And nudity never hurts.

Can children pick out good quality furniture as opposed to cheap poorly made furniture?

Who cares?  They are uniquely suited to balance all the variables, including cost and quality and comfort and make decisions about it.

Can they tell what adults will respect them and what adults will abuse them?

Can you?

TV looks simple but it is very complicated, way too complicated for a child to understand.

Children look simple but are very complicated, way too complicated for you to understand.

Yes, we all grew up with it, but what kind of people would we be if instead of watching TV when we were kids, instead we did something else like play in the woods or daydreamed?

We'd be out of touch with out social sphere.  We wouldn't share a common ground essential to getting along with everyone else.  We would be outcast freaks.


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