RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Some facts

From: Alan Klein <>
Date: Fri Apr 8 11:42:00 2005

Thank you, Scott. I had interpreted you as accusing me of advocating doing
what you were saying (and I agree) would not be done in a democratic school.
I think I was feeling a bit defensive. I will blame it on being up late and
being in the midst of a 3 day piece of work that I am doing for the first
time and feel a bit off balance doing.

Thanks again,

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From: Scott David Gray
Oh dear! I thought I was being clear in my note that I was
*explaining* your note.

I meant exactly what I said -- that something like that
*wouldn't* be announced to a mass of people, as if it were a
staff member's responsibility to provide edutainment for the

I'm sorry for any confusion, Alan.

On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Alan Klein wrote:

> Scott,
> To be clear, I did not suggest an "artificial" announcement to a mass of
> people that I was going to be working in the darkroom, etc. I was specific
> in saying that I could see myself saying it to a specific person (kid or
> adult) though I did mistakenly use the word "anyone" and was not as
> as you were about why I would consider such a suggestion.
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