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From: Scott David Gray <>
Date: Fri Apr 8 11:30:00 2005

Oh dear! I thought I was being clear in my note that I was
*explaining* your note.

I meant exactly what I said -- that something like that
*wouldn't* be announced to a mass of people, as if it were a
staff member's responsibility to provide edutainment for the

I'm sorry for any confusion, Alan.

To speak straight to David Rovner's repeated question:
The one occasion I can think of in which a brand new staff
member did something like this, was over 20 years ago. The
staff member paraded a cow's skull through the school,
announcing that he was going to dissect it. For the record,
students and others advised him in a very gentle way that
what he did felt more than a little pedantic and insulting.
He recognized it, and never pulled that sort of stunt again.
Instances of rudeness are generally handled personally, by
people trying to help others to find a way to coexist with
the rest of the community. To be sure, the community does
have options if such actions are overt and cannot be curbed
socially. For example, the staff member could be brought
before the Judicial Committee for infringement of rights; or
his/her behavior could be investigated by the School
Meeting's ombudsman.
As in any culture, if a person inadvertedly misunderstands
the culture and does something rude, people try first to
resolve the issue in a manner that avoids future
embarassment or personality conflict.
Just to remind people -- students and staff at Sudbury
Valley are equal before the law. There is no need for a
special written rule against a staff member cajoling
students, because there is already a charge in the lawbook
which states that "no one may knowingly infringe on anyone's
right to exist peaceably at school, free of verbal or
physical harassment."
On Fri, 8 Apr 2005, Alan Klein wrote:
> Scott,
> To be clear, I did not suggest an "artificial" announcement to a mass of
> people that I was going to be working in the darkroom, etc. I was specific
> in saying that I could see myself saying it to a specific person (kid or
> adult) though I did mistakenly use the word "anyone" and was not as specific
> as you were about why I would consider such a suggestion.
> Cheers,
> ~Alan Klein
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> From: Scott David Gray
> We *certainly* never announce to a mass of
> people something as artificial as "I am going to be working
> in the darkroom at X time. Anyone who wants to join me is
> welcome to do so." On the other hand, I might quietly
> mention to a kid who has *already* expressed an interest in
> working with me, that X time would be good for me because
> I'm working then anyway.
--Scott David Gray
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