Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Some facts

From: Jeff Collins <>
Date: Fri Apr 8 05:40:01 2005

Hi R D,

Personally I am thankful to Scott for clearing up a lot of
misconceptions that have arisen in these discussions.

When people have been inaccurately representing what happens at Sudbury
schools, it seems appropriate to me to clear up these inaccuracies and
one of the best people I know to do this would be Scott as one of the
only (if not the only) former Sudbury students AND current staff members
on this list.


R D Stanley wrote:

>Wow! I am so glad to know that the so-called "facts" (as per the subject
>line of this posting) have cleared up absolutely everything that has been
>discussed here over this fairly lengthy on-going thread of ideas, questions,
>and responses and so on.
>I guess there's really no need for any further conversation. I've sat here
>and managed to read through a number of postings, but I am sorry to say,
>Scott, that this posting opens up in a thoroughly disrespectful manner. It's
>judgmental and demeaning of people's ideas and experiences. The
>anti-intellectual tone is troublesome. It is even more troublesome given
>your relation to SVS.
>What an incredible way to shut down thought and conversation in this
>listserv. Maybe I might find a more thoughtful and supportive community
>Good-bye listserv.
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>This conversation has devolved into a set of debates over
>words that is worryingly abstract and academic and off-base,
>and frankly bizarre. It has also led to some serious
>misrepresentations and misunderstandings, and also some just
>plain misquoting. A set of thirteen relevant items, in no
>particular order:
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