[Discuss-sudbury-model] Psychological problems

From: frodon444 <frodon444_at_yahoo.fr>
Date: Thu Apr 7 17:34:01 2005

I'm not sure if this topic was already on the list, but I am very interested how the school try to resolve problems to which I am often confronted in my work with groups of children.
There are some children who are not really aggressive, but like to disturb others, take what is them without asking, don't letting others do what they are doing by pushing them or making noises who disturb them.
It seems that what they want is merely attention, and every way is good for them to have this attention.
In every case I observed, I constated that there were serious relational problem between the parents.
 There are also the cases of divorce, were the father sees not often the child.
And the child (specially girls) think that the father avoid to see him/her.
How are such problems dealt with, in meetings or by JCs ?
Another question I have, is if it happens that persons in sudbury schools "specialize" themselves to be available to persons who have personal problems and need to speek about with somebody they can trust
(I don't speek here about hiring a professionnal psychologist)

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