RE: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Encouragment and resources.

From: frodon444 <>
Date: Thu Apr 7 17:00:06 2005

Hi everybody,
this discussion about encouragment made my think about the following :
Can't the different resources available in the school be seen like an indirect encouragment, an encouragment to use them ? (rather than what is not available at the moment)
It is not possible for example to have a library with every kind of book available on this planet. I suppose it is necessary to make a choice about what to buy (and what not) and to accept or not to put in what is given for free to the school from various people.
More specifically, if methods are available for learning arithmetic or to read, there are very different aproaches that exists (f.e. concerning reading/writing, the global versus the sylabic method). Are all methods of learning available, or are they choosed to best fit the philosophy of the school ?
The same is of course true with other tools available to the students.
There are computers in SVS. Have the students the choice between using Windows, Mac OS or Linux ?
In certain cases the fact to have a choice between different tools is more important than in others; but how is it decided ?
I don't speak about what the students ask to have, but merely what is available for them before they ask for anything, and why this is available rather than that.
I think these questions are very important to people who starts to build a democratic school.

Geert Wester <> wrote:
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Somewhere I heard the story that one scholar wanted to know what language a child would develop when left completely alone and without anyone speaking to him/her. They found out that the child did not learn to speak any language at all (and as a side-effect turned idiot).
How are we supposed to think anyone will develop anything when nothing is done anywhere? When doing anything seems a sin against a rule of "thou shallt not encourage".
I think doing things and proposing things (actions, developments) to a child is vital for society and is absolutely normal. And at the same time is the opposite of imposing yourself on anyone else. (sorry for the language, this is not my native tongue).
When are we ready to aknowledge that it is only we ourselves who are struggeling with freedom?
(Holland Deventer)

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