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From: Todd Pratum <>
Date: Thu Apr 7 01:32:00 2005
Fred, I like this, thanks.  It is good to hear that unschooled kids reject TV, that is impressive.  Todd.

Frederick W. Schueler wrote:
Todd Pratum wrote:

It is hard for me to believe that Sudbury people leave the choice of
TV up to the kid, say it isn't so! 

* democracy is like that. Television withers away in unschooling
households, so why should it become a problem in a mass unschooling
environment like a Sudbury School?

 Both Mander and Postman make it clear
that children under the age of 9-10 cannot, in general, think
critically and are therefore unable to fend off the tricks used by
thousands of highly paid psychologists who work for children's
departments in advertising agencies.

* my personal theory is that there shouldn't be any television in
households that include children under the age of 42, so if younger
children want to watch TV they can visit with elderly or mass-cultured
neighbours. But I doubt if unschooled children are unable to fend off
the tricks used by highly paid psychologists, especially if a
grandparental figure is providing commentary.

 The essence of the book is that high technology takes
us away from nature, and the Earth, and that without this connection
we are doomed, (just as native peoples all over the world have been
warning us for hundreds of years).  No nature documentary can replace
the actual experience, and according to Mander it is a myth that TV
can inspire you to go into nature, or to fight for its preservation.
I think the continued destruction of the natural world coupled with
the rise in TV watching is evidence of the veracity of this argument.

* those who wish to flee the TV culture and come study, delineate, and
appreciate the natural world are free to come apprentice at the Bishops
Mills Natural History Centre.

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