Re: [Discuss-sudbury-model] Re: Encouragement

From: Marc Kivel <>
Date: Wed Apr 6 11:31:00 2005

Hi, Liz!

You wrote in regard to learner perceptions of staff
comments being different than peer comments

"Yes, but these folks are probably not coming from a
position of (perceived) power over you. It's very
different for me when my sister suggests
something than when my mother does."

Agreed, having a relationship does alter the way
comments are received.

"Technically, my mother has no power over me. I am
financially solvent and a legal adult. However,
there's something about that relationship that still
has an imbalance."

Is it an imbalance, or is it the nature of the
relationship that is different than with a peer? And
do you want your Mom to be a peer or your Mom?

I think that I feel that encouragement in any
relationship is an art not a science and folks need to
respect those they encounter as best they can.

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